Course Background

Cyber (in)security has become a critical issue for society and will only become more important as people and devices become increasingly connected at high pace. Science as well as society are still in an early state of understanding the security consequences of this unprecedented merger of technology, communications, and society. Decision making at all levels this challenging in this fast paced and extremely interdisciplinary domain.

  • Cyber security is one of todays most challenging problems.
  • Cyber security is a highly interdisciplinary domain at the interface of technology, economics, management, and society.
  • Doing nothing is not an option.

Course Objective

This course provides a solid understanding of the fundamental mechanics and limitations of cyber security to provide guidance for future leaders as well as individuals.  I introduce the concepts, developments, and the current state of affairs in the cyber security domain. We look at the topic from the attackers, defenders and societies perspective.

Upon completion of this course students understand the fundamental (technological, economic, and social) principles, challenges, and the state of the practice in the cyber security domain.  


I suggested and then built this course in 2016 after a series of discussions with Prof Didier Sornette about complexity and risk. The course is given in the spring semester at the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics.

Guest Speakers

To further account for the diversity of the topic, I am very happy to be to have a number of excellent guest talks contributing to my course.

  • Pascal Gujer - Digital Forensics Expert Kapo Zurich
  • Maxim Salomon - Previously at Roche now with Google as Technical Program Manager for Security of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Marc Ruef - Security Expert, skip AG
  • Roger Halbheer - Executive Security Advisor for Microsoft in EMEA
  • Colonel Axel Stocker - Cyber Defense Analyst of the Federal Department of Defense
  • Candid Wuest / Sr. Threat Researcher at Symantec

Past Courses