Course Objectives

This course discusses fundamental concepts and technologies in the area of network security. Several case studies illustrate the dark side of the Internet and explain how to protect against such threats. A hands-on computer lab that accompanies the lecture gives a deep dive on firewalls, penetration testing and intrusion detection.

The course will cover topics spanning five broad themes:

  • Network defense mechanisms such as secure routing protocols, TLS, anonymous communication systems, network intrusion detection systems, and
    public-key infrastructures;
  • Network attacks such as denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks;
  • Analysis and inference topics such as network forensics and attack
  • Formal analysis techniques for verifying the security properties of network architectures; and
  • New technologies related to next-generation networks.


I typically teach the following three topics in the network security course

  • DNS security and privacy
  • Firewalls, IDS, evasion and limitations
  • Cybersecurity in practice - Internet of things (IoT) and cyber supply chain security

Past Courses