About the Course

In 2019 I  co-created this Cyber Risk block course together with the ETH Risk Center.

Course Motivation & Outline

As today’s technology landscape is evolving at an increasing pace, it forces businesses, individuals and society to adapt to stay competitive. At the same time, the risk to businesses from cyber-attacks is growing just as fast, if not faster. Staying on top of today’s cyber risks means understanding the key drivers of cyber risk and remaining aware of the latest trends, research, solutions and best practices.

This course offers an integrative perspective on cyber risks, allowing understanding the essential developments, the principles, the challenges as well as the limitations and the state of practice in cyber risk from the technological, economic, legal, and insurance perspective. It focuses on tangible takeaways that cyber risk stakeholders in all organizations can use to strengthen their resilience.
The course provides an interdisciplinary overview, guidance, and understanding of the mechanisms in cyber security to guide decision making and risk management in business and society.

Target Audience

The course is designed to appeal to a wide audience of decision makers and to provide actionable information for all professionals that play a role in managing cyber risk in their organization - not just IT professionals. Participants will work and exchange, in small groups, with some of the best researchers, experts, and practitioners working at the cutting edge of their discipline, and among peers. It allows communicating risks and solutions in terms that will resonate with corporate and institutional stakeholders.


  • Part 1: What is Cyber Risk Management?
  • Part 2: Theoretical Foundations of Cyber Security
  • Part 3: Managing Cyber Risks, Actors and Threats
  • Part 4: How to Model and Mitigate Cyber Risk
  • Part 5: Cyber Risk and Critical Infrastructures
  • Part 6: Concluding and Panel Discussion