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Lab & Tools

Landing zone for online tools and experiments

These tools and calculators were mainly inspired by recurring technical problems during my research and many penetration testing engagements. Things that are impossible just take longer.

MAC Address Calc

Forward and reverese lookup of MAC addresses and vendors

Forward and reverese lookup of MAC addresses
  • Identify the manufacturers of hardware addresses of network cards (MAC Address)
  • Given the manufacturers of of network cards, lookup MAC Address MAC prefixes.

IP Address Calc

Slicing and combining IP addresses and IP ranges

Use this calculator if you have a list of IP addresses that you want to
  • sort
  • remove duplicates
  • represent as a range (list > range)
  • whitelist, blackist consolidation

Password Generator

Passwords & Randomness

Generate an arbitrary number of randomly choosen passwords of a given strength and format.
  1. Choose the characters to form passwords
  2. Generate multip passwords in one go
  3. Verify character distribution and show runs
Tool of choice if you need to generate inital passwords/seeds for multiple processes.

eVoting Attack Simulator

How many votes are required to change a bill’s result? Without detection?

Simulate attacks on Swiss votes based on the history of voting results 1998-2017.
  • The attacker does not know the true opinion before the attack, so it is hard to choose how many votes to manipulate
  • After the first detection, the attacker looses the capability to manipulate (vulnerability fixed) further – and has not achieved the objective (bill repeated).