Password Generator

Generate multiple random passwords (or keys) of a given complexity in one go. Freely choose the characters used to generate the passwords and see the distribution of generated passwords.

Password Generator

This online password generator allows you to generate multiple random passwords of a given complexity in one go. The combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols makes the passwords difficult to guess or crack.

Behaving randomly is surprisingly difficult for humans, so let a password generator do the job.


  • Use the slides to choose the number of passwors to generate, and the length of the passwords generated (number of characters)
  • Select which characters you want the password to be made of. You can easily enable/disable any of the four groups Upper, Lower, Digit, or Special below using the respective checkbox.
  • Using reset resets the characters in the given group
  • Play around, and fill the groups with your own choice of characters
  • Use Output Format to select the format of the passwords generated
  • Download the result as TXT file for further processing

Fun Fact

  • You can construct binary code or morse code by just allowing "01" or " .-" as allowed characters
  • Or set uneven frequencies of characters, e.g. "AABBBBBBBB_______"

Number of Passwords

Password Length

Characters & Complexity

Choose or set the characters to be used to generate password. You can select/unselect a category of preset characters, or enter your own characters.


Output Format


Password List

Distribution of Runs

Runs of the same character in sequenc are rare, but typically no as rare as one might suspect (e.g. when the set of characters is small) The plot below shows the count of runs (sequenct of the same character) of various lengths.