• Stefan Frei & ¬†Swisscom Security



Over the course of the past two decades, the development of new technologies and, in particular, the Internet has opened up unbelievable opportunities that have durably changed our lives both in the private and the professional sphere, and will continue to do so. The changes that the Internet brought about can be considered disruptive. Their worldwide repercussions are comparable to the consequences of the industrial revolution and innovations such as oil exploration, the invention of the car or the introduction of antibiotics.

Today, more than three billion people have access to the Internet, equating to 42% of the global population in 2014. The proportion of mobile usage is steadily increasing (94% of the world's population have a mobile phone), as well as the average time we spend connected to the Internet per day, we are "always on". Internet security has become a critical factor and will continue to grow in importance at the same rate as people and devices become increasingly interconnected. As a society and as an economy, we are still in the early stages of adapting these possibilities. Naturally, these developments also give rise to new threats and dangers. The area of Internet security has developed and changed with immense speed at the interface between technology, economics and society.

This report sheds light on the current status of cyber threats from the perspective of Swisscom and of Switzerland as a whole. As a leading Swiss ICT provider, we bring to you an evaluation of the developments forecast for the coming 12 to 24 months.