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Why Your Data Breach is My Problem

Every data breach, regardless of its source, allows cyber criminals to refine current data, correlate it with new data, and create profiles that can identify millions of users – with severe consequences for their victims. Data that has been lost cannot be taken back.

International Vulnerability Purchase Program (IVPP)

Cyber security depends largely on reporting vulnerabilities under the practices of coordinated disclosure. Meanwhile, the black market is expanding rapidly and offering large rewards for the same information. We examine the economics of depriving cyber criminals' access to new vulnerabilities.

The Known Unknowns in Cyber Security

Vulnerabilities that are known only to privileged closed groups, such as cyber criminals, brokers, and governments, pose a real and present risk to all who use the affected software.

Cyber Kill Chain vs. Defense Effectiveness

Data from extensive and harsh live testing of security products demonstrates that 100% attack prevention is an illusion. Organizations should assume that they are already compromised, and therefore complement prevention with breach detection.

Correlation Of Detection Failures

A comparison of the block performances of multiple protection technologies reveals a significant correlation of failures to detect exploits. The number of exploits that were able to bypass layers of security is significantly higher than is the prediction for risk models ignoring correlation.