Danish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce Seminar, Nov 2nd, 2017


In the last decade cyber security developed into a source of profound confusion and hype. This talk introduces key threats and drivers behind cyber security from a historical, economic, social, as well as technological perspective. The overall objective is to provide insight into the topic and to enable the audience to make informed decisions, as leaders
or citizens, so that the opportunities of digitization exceed the threats, also in the future.


«Cyber Security – Key drivers and no crash-test dummies» with Dr. Stefan Frei – Principal Security Expert at Accenture Cyber Defence and Lecturer for Cyber Security at ETH Zürich. Around 45 participants followed the invitation for this interesting talk on Cyber Security on 2. November 2017.
For many, Cyber Security was not a new topic, however astonishing news surfaced and the discomposure could almost be felt in the room. Is the risk really that big? Have I been hacked before? Concerns and questions that probably every participant was asking him or herself after the speech. Dr. Stefan Frei certainly opened the eyes for possible dangers in this digital world and the questions after his presentation were almost unstoppable.
Subsequently, stimulating discussions and debates were held at the Apéro and many must have returned home later to check whether their computer had been compromised by a data breach. A link to check if an account had been compromised with a data breach was sent out to all DSHK members and participants.
We would like to thank Dr. Stefan Frei for his eye-opening presentation and Belvoirpark for their fantastic hospitality.