Having information and knowing what to do with it.

Since the early 1990 teaching has been part of my professional life. The continued exposure to challenging and thought provoking questions of the class or audience creates insight and a deeper understanding of the topic. Teaching is a formidable and rewarding activity that forces me to convey information and complexity using concise thoughts and understandable language.

Have you ever had an expert who used business or geek speak explain something with language that was difficult to understand?

Cyber Security & Network Security

I have two teaching engagements for full semester master level courses at ETH Zurich. In the spring semester I teach Cyber Security (whole course) and in the autumn semester I teach 3 lessons in Networking Security.


For over a decade (1996-2009) I worked as ground instructor (part time) for Swiss Aviation Training - teaching engineering topics like aerodynamics, high speed areodynamics, flight performance, and information technology for future airline pilots.

  • In that time I successfully trained 300+ student pilots for their final airline pilots license exam.

Full Semester Courses

ETHZ | Cyber Security

Provide individuals and leaders guidance in this complex field to support decision makeing.

The view I take in my cyber security courses:
  • It's hard to make good decisions unless defenders have a basic understanding of the interdisciplinary of the field, the increasing complexity and the adversaries
  • Things look very different when seen from the attackers perspective.

ETHZ | Networking Security

This lecture discusses fundamental concepts and technologies in the area of network security

  • network defense mechanisms, network intrusion detection systems, and public-key infrastructures
  • network attacks such as denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
  • analysis and inference topics such as network forensics and attack economics