About Stefan Frei

About Stefan Frei

Cyber security expert exploiting ideas from various domains in an attempt to make sense of the complexity to better secure the digital society.

Carbon-Based Bipedal Life Form with Internet Access

My name is Stefan Frei and I am a cyber security expert living in Switzerland after having worked in Denmark and the United States for a few years. For twenty years I have been working in cyber security at the interface of society, economy, and technology – on both the offensive and defenders’ side.

I have years of local and international experience in corporate penetration testing, consulting, and security research. I specialize in turning complex security data into actionable information, effective security services, and solutions. Long track record for explaining and predicting emerging cyber threats & solutions at the interface of society and technology. I convert strong coffee into code, talks, thought, and solutions.

I write in python, javascript, c#, sql (and the like) and occasionally also in English and German. I also borrow and try to synthesize ideas from a variety of domains, like aviation, technology, and psychology and economics.

I hold a Ph.D in information security, a MSc in electrical engineering, and a master of advanced studies (MAS) in business & innovation management all from ETH Zurich. I completed my master thesis as exchange student at Telecom Paris / ENST in 1995.

Public Speaking & Media

Advisory Boards & Expert Groups

  • Head of the working group Supply Chain Security of the Cyber Security Commission ICT Switzerland.  
    «The Supply Chain Security working group identifies, documents and communicates critical issues in the area of supply chain security. It develops proposed solutions for politicians, business, society and government to reduce the associated risks.»
  • Member of the advisory board cyber security of the Swiss Academies of Engineering Sciences (SATW).
    «SATW is the most important network of experts for engineering sciences in Switzerland and is in contact with the highest Swiss bodies for science, politics and industry.»
  • Research Affiliate of the ETH Risk Center
    I was invited to become a “Risk Center Affiliate” for my contribution to the Cyber Risk course.
  • Member of the OECD Expert Group Workshop on Enhancing the Digital Security of Products, OECD, Paris
    «The OECD Working Party on Security and Privacy in the Digital Economy (SPDE) develops public policy analysis and high level recommendations to help governments and other stakeholders ensure that digital security and privacy protection foster the development of the digital economy.»
  • Technology Advisor for https://covid.techpro.ch
    «Einfache und schnelle Corona Kontaktdatenerfassung ohne App oder Registration. Privatsphäre und Datenschutz sichergestellt durch End-to-End Verschlüsselung»


  • Member of the Advisory Council for Catastrophes (ACC) of Zurich Insurance.
    «ACC provides insights into the patterns of occurrence, predictability and destructiveness of catastrophes and gives feedback about Zurich’s approach to such catastrophes to help improve the effectiveness of its underwriting and reinsurance purchasing.»


I teach master level courses at ETH Zurich and in the past I worked as feelance instructor for Swiss aviation training to educate future airline pilots in aerodynamics and engineering topics (I have a heilcopter and fixed wing license).

Learning & Trainings

Technical and non technical courses I attended in the past:


I'm happy to be emailed about technical queries, press inquiries, speaking engagements and certainly about any corrections or suggestions for material of this site.


Opinions expressed here are my own and may not reflect those of people I work with, my family, the cat etc. Unless I'm quoting someone, they're just my own views.