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Hi, I am Stefan Frei, cyber security expert, speaker & tech enthusiast. I exploit ideas from various domains in an attempt to make sense of the complexity for better security.

Cyber Security Research, Tools, and Publications

Welcome to my home page and repository of publications, testbed for online tools and variety of cyber security resources.

I am an engineer and cyber security expert fascinated and worried at the same time about the infinite possibilities of the Internet and the ongoing digitalization - for society and attackers.

Digital information drives real events and a growing number of components increasingly make autonomous decisions. These developments increase efficiency as well as the consequences of cyber-attacks. We no longer have physical laws that limit the complexity and dependencies of our designs and systems.

Things are objectively getting more complicated, coupled, and interdependent at superlinear rate.

The physical separation of critical systems, a proven concept in the past, is no longer sufficient to ensure security and safety in the digital world.

I work in consulting, research, and education in cyber security and try to contribute so that now and in the future the opportunities of digitalization will outweigh its risks.

Site Content

This site is a testbed for my Internet tools and repository of my writing and talks (e.g. at Defcon, Blackhat, or ISF).  I spoke on Swiss TV and my work was covered by Brian Krebs, Bruce Schneier, and others.  More on me on the about page  or on Twitter.

Most of my content is written in English, some of my work is available or was translated to German: Whitepaper/Berichte, Gastbeiträge, Vorträge, Medienberichte & Interviews

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