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Stefan Frei - Homepage

Cyber security expert, pentester, speaker & tech enthusiast. I strive to understand and reduce complexity to increase security.


My passion and speciality is turning complex security challenges and data into actionable information, effective security services and solutions. I have a long track record for explaining and predicting emerging cyber threats & solutions at the interface of society and technology.

This site is a repository of my work and research.

Main areas of interest

Supply Chain Security | 3 papers, 3 talks

We need to challenge the security and integrity of digital products and their supply chain

Bug Bounty | 6 papers, 4 talks

A bug bounty program rewards researchers reporting vulnerabilities to the vendor of the affected software in the form of financial compensation.

Vulnerability Lifecycle | 14 papers, 8 talks

Understanding software vulnerabilities is a key aspect of cyber security

Cybersecurity Map (SATW) | 2 papers

The Cybersecurity Map of Swiss Academies of Engineering Sciences (SATW) gives a concise insight into current technological developments relevant from a cybersecurity perspective

Blackhat & Defcon | 4 papers, 3 talks

Blackhat & Defcon are two top tier security & hacker conferences