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Since the early 1990 teaching has been part of my professional life. The continued exposure to challenging and thought provoking questions of the class or audience creates insight and a deeper understanding of the topic.

Teaching is a formidable and rewarding activity that forces me to convey information and complexity using concise thoughts and understandable language.

ETH - Semester Courses

I have two teaching engagements for master level courses at ETH Zurich:

ETH Risk Center - Block Course

I co-created a block course on Cyber Risk - How to Navigate Through the Digital Transformation at the ETH Risk Center. This course was first given in autum 2019 and now goes into the next round:

Swiss Aviation Training (SAT)

For over a decade (1996-2009) I worked as part time ground instructor for Swiss Aviation Training - teaching engineering topics like aerodynamics, high speed areodynamics, flight performance, and information technology for future airline pilots. In that time I successfully trained 300+ student pilots for their final airline pilots license exam.