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Stefan Frei

Cyber security expert, pentester, speaker & tech enthusiast. I strive to understand and reduce complexity to increase security.


I am a cyber security expert living in Switzerland after stopovers in Denmark and the U.S. For 20+ years I have been working in cyber security at the interface of society, economy, and technology – on both the offensive and defenders’ side. I worked in the areas of research and penetration testing, security architecture, and threat modelling.

My passion and speciality is turning complex security challenges and data into actionable information and effective security solutions. I have a long track record for explaining and predicting emerging cyber threats & solutions at the interface of society and technology.

Aviation is a great source of inspiration on how to achieve a high level of safety and security in a rather unforgiving environment.

I teach Cyber Security at ETH Zurich and flew traffic watch in Los Angeles with the Bell 206B Jet Ranger (N955FM) for training.

Stefan Frei

Speaking & Media Coverage

I spoke at major cyber security conferences, having presented at BlackHat, Defcon, FIRST, ISF Congress, and many more. I am a frequently consulted expert by the media and shared my experience giving talks for various audiences.

Advisory Boards & Expert Groups



Trainings & Courses

Technical and non technical courses I attended

Flight Tracking Workshop (OSINT) “Flight Tracking Tools and methods necessary to track aircraft”
- Online course, Jul 2021 by Bellingcat

Advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) “Advanced course in social media & individual-focused research & verification”
- Online course, Jul 2020 by Bellingcat

Mini-Certificate in Real World Risk Analytics “How to make decisions under uncertainty”
- New York, Feb 2019 by Real World Risk Institute

Assessing and Exploiting Industrial Control Systems & IOT “Hands-on penetration testing techniques used to test IOT components of a control system”
- London, Dec 2017 by Blackhat Trainings

Hostage Negotiation Retraining “Talk to Me”
- New York, Dec 2014 by NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT)