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Supply Chain Security

We need to challenge the security and integrity of digital products and their supply chain

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Recent revelations brought the integrity of digital products (e.g., IOT, smart things, control systems) to the attention of the public, as it has been demonstrated that hardware and software components can be compromised and backdoored with or without the consent or knowledge of the supplier or vendor.

The security and integrity of the supply chain is a concern with the increasing dependence on third party components for critical functionality.

The digital society currently runs the risk of creating security problems through the premature use and, in some cases, uncontrolled procurement and distribution of digital products – security issues that will only become manifest in the long term and can then only be corrected at huge expense and effort.

The ability to perform effective software and hardware tests must be regarded as a core competency of the digital society. The digital society is called upon to address the issue of supply chain security and to create the appropriate conditions (resources, legal framework, training, etc.) to prevent known and avoidable errors.