• Stefan Frei, Christof Jungo, Daniel Busch, Raphael Reischuk




While the integrity and safety of products from traditional industries (e.g. food, pharmaceuticals and mobility) are specifically checked prior to market approval, the quality and security of many digital products are often not sufficiently checked. There are various reasons for this. Thus, the current security of the supply chain is often inadequate and undermines the existing security measures.

Today, the responsible persons and consumers are hardly able to make reliable purchasing and deployment decisions regarding digital products, because there is a lack of transparent information about their trustworthiness.The resulting risks are often rather abstract and develop gradually. As a result, for a long time they were hardly noticed and they have continued to accumulate to this day. If products that have not been properly tested are used, for example, in critical infrastructures, the threats may be on a nationwide scale and jeopardise supplies to society in the areas of electricity, medicine, mobility and physical protection.